Stakeholder engagement is broken - and the election proved it

Posted by John Glover on 29-May-2015 10:00:00


For those of us interested in stakeholder engagement, the events of April and early May this year provided an almost perfect case study: the 2015 general election campaign.

Watching a news report about the latest events on the campaign trail one evening, I realised the campaign was an ideal opportunity to examine how and why traditional methods of engagement are failing. The idea came from a reporter approaching a man on the doorstep of his home and asking how many of the election leaflets delivered through his door had been read. "None," was the reply. "They all go straight in the bin."

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How the cloud can improve stakeholder engagement for CCGs

Posted by John Glover on 07-May-2015 13:54:00

In a post on this blog back in September 2012, I described effective stakeholder engagement as "the holy grail that every public sector organisation is in search of". Much has changed in the public sector since then, but it seems to me this statement is still accurate - many organisations are still struggling to identify, engage and communicate with different stakeholder groups in a meaningful way.

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How to cut the cost of NHS stakeholder engagement with cloud tools

Posted by John Glover on 28-Apr-2015 14:55:49

Stakeholder engagement remains a key challenge for the NHS, even if getting people to engage with the health service isn’t a problem for many of the organisations that come under its umbrella. After all, nearly everyone in the UK holds an opinion about the NHS and has direct experience of its services. It employs some 1.7 million people across the UK and many of us are deeply invested in its future, with the election campaign now bringing the issues facing the NHS into even sharper focus.

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How to improve your stakeholder engagement strategy in 2015

Posted by John Glover on 25-Mar-2015 12:00:00

"Engagement of the stakeholder, regardless of who they are, should be your first move. When we are not engaging, we don't know that stakeholders are thinking."

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Is stakeholder engagement the key to successful change in local govt?

Posted by John Glover on 18-Mar-2015 10:27:00

Delivering change and innovation in local government has become one of the most high-profile objectives for public sector workers. Sustained reductions in public spending have been particularly painful for local authorities (in the absence of a ring-fenced budget), with councils under great pressure to increase productivity, redesign services and consistently deliver more for less.

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Does your online workspace support agile stakeholder management?

Posted by John Glover on 04-Mar-2015 10:00:00

As the business world continues  to change rapidly, it’s interesting to see how organisations respond to those changes in their constant drive to deliver better projects and services. Here at Kahootz, we’ve noticed how agile project management is becoming an increasingly effective model for organisations of all shapes and sizes - as regular readers of this blog will know.

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Why stakeholder management is an important part of project management

Posted by John Glover on 02-Jan-2015 11:34:00

Stakeholder management is an important aspect of any project. Most projects you work on will involve multiple shareholders, and each one potentially has the ability to speed up, slow down or completely obstruct your progress. Stakeholders may not be in the driving seat, but they can be extremely useful advocates, sponsors and agents of change.

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Features of collaboration tools that enhance adoption

Posted by John Glover on 05-Dec-2014 11:05:00

One of the most common things people say when their organisation starts using the Kahootz cloud collaboration platform is that their users adopt it quickly, with no or minimal training.

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The future of collaboration in government

Posted by John Glover on 04-Dec-2014 11:02:00

In the UK, ICT in central government is heading in one direction only – towards the cloud.

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Gradual roll-out or big bang approach to cloud collaboration?

Posted by John Glover on 24-Oct-2014 10:27:00

When IT departments need to implement new software, there’s one question they need to answer before they start . Should we introduce it gradually, in parallel with older systems or move everyone over to the new system in a single ‘big bang’?

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