UK Ministry of Defence introduces Defence Share for secure collaboration over the Internet

Posted by John Glover on 26-Feb-2016 11:40:34

The MOD’s Information Systems and Services (ISS) has introduced Defence Share, a Secure Collaborative Working Environment, to enable the secure storage and sharing of information up to ‘OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE’ classification.

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How CCGs can use the cloud for collaborative procurement

Posted by John Glover on 21-Jul-2015 17:20:53

In order to design health services that meet patient needs while also delivering value for money, it is essential that CCGs understand the procurement process - and the power of collaborative procurement. Under the clinical commissioning framework, it is their responsibility to tender for new and replacement services when necessary in response to patient demand. 

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Agile public sector procurement: How to choose a cloud tool

Posted by John Glover on 16-Jun-2015 10:00:00

Across business and the public sector, agility is one of the most discussed concepts of the year. However, it's much more than just another buzzword - organisational agility will soon be regarded as a prerequisite for any corporate or public entity that wants to survive - let alone thrive - in today's fast-changing and unpredictable environment.

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3 ways cloud collaboration can help CCGs improve patient care

Posted by John Glover on 14-Apr-2015 17:30:00

England's 211 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are entering a highly crucial phase of their development. This month, many of the GP-centered leadership bodies will start to jointly commission GP services alongside NHS England for the first time.

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A 'single customer' approach to knowledge sharing and procurement

Posted by Sophie Rawlings on 31-Mar-2015 15:00:00

A guest post by Sophie Rawlings, Head of IM and ECM Programme Lead, Department of Health's Estates and Information Services

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Why procurement is a changing role that requires new tools

Posted by John Glover on 11-Nov-2014 10:43:00

A climate of austerity and economic uncertainty combined with rapid technological progression has forced people working in almost every business function to accept and implement major changes. Arguably, no single group has witnessed change on a bigger scale than those in the procurement profession.

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How online collaboration makes joined up government a reality

Posted by John Glover on 31-Oct-2014 10:33:00

"Joined up government" was a favourite phrase of Tony Blair and New Labour. We don't hear it as often these days, but the idea - and the problem it seeks to address - continues to motivate and frustrate civil servants in equal measure.

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Case Study: Collaborative procurement for ALTO

Posted by John Glover on 26-Sep-2014 10:05:00

...Fleetcol collaborative vehicle procurement

The Association of London Transport Officers (ALTO) is a long-established network for local authority transport officers from the thirty-two London boroughs and the Corporation of London. One of its main aims is to stimulate closer collaboration between councils to achieve efficiencies and improve the way services are run. These services are broad ranging and including logistics, fleet, engineering, safety, legal, environmental, purchasing and more.

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Post procurement delivery case study: Firelink

Posted by John Glover on 24-Sep-2014 10:03:00

...Easing the post procurement process with a cloud-based Management Information System

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Public sector procurement and the ‘art of the possible’

Posted by John Glover on 19-Sep-2014 09:56:00

In recent years, technology has transformed the way the public sector procures goods and services for the better. Most notably, powerful e-procurement software has simplified and streamlined the fixed processes in the procurement cycle, bringing major time and cost savings to procurers and suppliers alike. 

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