Cloud collaboration: CCGs and the quest for innovation

Posted by John Glover on 14-Aug-2015 10:30:00

Anyone interested in the progress of England's 209 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will have found it hard to ignore the sheer volume of negative headlines they seem to have generated in recent months. Almost every day brings a fresh report of a CCG that lacks the financial stability or clinical capacity - or both - to serve its local community.

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How to select an online collaboration tool in 2017 [best practice]

Posted by John Glover on 17-Jul-2015 17:00:00

The average enterprise is now using more than 774 distinct cloud applications at any given time, according to research by Elastica. Furthermore, data sent to file sharing and online collaboration platform now accounts for 63% of all data uploaded to the cloud.

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Online workspaces: 3 simple ways to keep your data secure

Posted by John Glover on 10-Jul-2015 12:50:19

Using an online workspace - and equipping your organisation with all the benefits that brings - involves data (project details, shared documents, conversations between team members) moving into the cloud.

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3 simple ways to transform productivity with cloud collaboration

Posted by John Glover on 27-May-2015 11:33:29

In one way at least, the puzzle of Britain's slowing productivity is a good thing - because it means agile and other collaborative ways of working remain high on the agenda. The more we hear alarming soundbites like "the French could take Friday off and still produce more than Britons do in a week" (the Economist), the more interest grows in transforming our organisations to suit the demands of work in the 21st century.

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