The G-Cloud - Creating a level playing field for SMEs

Posted by John Glover on 09-Dec-2013 13:29:00

“The government is really making great strides to support SMEs in the public sector market.” That’s the verdict of John Glover, Sales and Marketing Director of INOVEM, in a new video released as part of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) ‘Business is GREAT’ series.

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Is the G-Cloud 4 Procurement Framework an Improvement?

Posted by John Glover on 21-Oct-2013 13:15:00

We are about to enter the fourth iteration of the UK Government's innovative G-Cloud framework in under two years. As someone who has personally taken part in all four submissions, I thought it would be worthwhile to comment on whether the process is getting any better.

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How does your public sector organisation #GiveITaGo?

Posted by John Glover on 24-Sep-2013 12:52:00

The new Digital by Default agenda in the public sector has unleashed a tidal wave of experimentation. Because public sector organisations are being encouraged to move to Cloud software – rather than relying exclusively on expensive, clunky, on-premise systems – many are trying out these solutions for a wide range of purposes.

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G-Cloud adoption of cloud collaboration services

Posted by John Glover on 26-Jun-2013 12:27:00

Although it is still early days for the UK G-Cloud, the initial signs regarding the take-up of cloud services and the opportunities for innovative and ambitious SMEs, like ourselves, are very promising.  Following on from my recent Blogs on price transparency and G-Cloud savings I thought you might like a glimpse of what we are seeing behind the scenes with regard to the adoption of Kahootz by G-Cloud ‘newbies’.

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Source cloud collaboration software & transform your way of working

Posted by John Glover on 21-Jun-2013 12:24:00

With the current squeeze on local authority budgets, and with staff needing to do more with less, developing shared services makes sound financial and strategic success. 

The key to doing it successfully is breaking down traditional barriers to collaboration. Meeting, travel and communication costs all need to be kept to a minimum, as do the demands on officer time. 

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G-Cloud Savings - THE REAL STORY!

Posted by John Glover on 17-Jun-2013 12:22:00

It is strange that although a primary aim of the G-Cloud programme is to save money for the tax payer, when anyone mentions G-Cloud success, or failure, they look first at the sales figures and then list the vendors who have made the most money. Is it me, or are they missing the point?

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G-Cloud CloudStore – ‘Call for Pricing’ is no longer an option!

Posted by John Glover on 14-Jun-2013 12:19:00

One of the stated objectives of the UK Government G-Cloud programme is to remove ‘deal making’ and bespoke contractual terms from ICT procurement. The vision set out by former G-Cloud director Chris Chant was to provide an online CloudStore for the public sector to shop for commodity cloud services that are transparently priced. The aim was to eradicate unmerited differential pricing, stimulate competition and ultimately provide better value for the tax payer.

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G-Cloud: How enterprises can learn from the public sector

Posted by John Glover on 17-May-2013 11:37:00

When it comes to IT, the public sector is so often accused of trailing in the wake of commercial enterprise that it’s refreshing to discover instances where it’s truly leading the way.

But as the Government’s G-Cloud team prepares to launch a new version of its CloudStore and release the third iteration of its G-Cloud framework agreement (Giii) in early May, it’s clear that it can teach the private sector a thing or two about sourcing Cloud software.

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INFOGRAPHIC: What’s been happening on G-Cloud?

Posted by John Glover on 13-May-2013 11:20:00

G-Cloud finally getting embedded in public sector consciousness

It has only been around a short while, but a new infographic on the Government’s cloud software procurement service — the G-Cloud Cloudstore — reveals that it fast being embraced by the public sector. And with a £7 million spend via the G-Cloud in March 2013 alone, it’s a service that’s here to stay.

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Cloud First: the public sector secure software revolution

Posted by John Glover on 12-Apr-2013 11:12:00

It’s a no-brainer for any government wanting to save money to move services and public sector software to the Cloud. 

The cost-efficiencies can be quite simply startling. In this video, US Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundracites cites the examples of two agencies that moved their email systems to the Cloud, saving $45 million, and explains how his department has identified 800 data centres that will become surplus to requirements and shut down by 2015, saving billions of dollars.

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