UK G-Cloud sales reports show year-on-year growth for Kahootz

Posted by John Glover on 14-Mar-2018 10:47:55

With the approach of the 10th iteration of the UK G-Cloud procurement framework and with total sales about to exceed the £3bn mark we thought it was time to see how we are performing … relatively.  

Kahootz has always been an active supporter of the G-Cloud. We were one of the very first services to receive pan-government accreditation (PGA) for cloud security which enabled us to benefit as early adopters across the public-sector organisations looked to find new ways to work together, safely, in the cloud.

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UK Ministry of Defence introduces Defence Share for secure collaboration over the Internet

Posted by John Glover on 26-Feb-2016 11:40:34

The MOD’s Information Systems and Services (ISS) has introduced Defence Share, a Secure Collaborative Working Environment, to enable the secure storage and sharing of information up to ‘OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE’ classification.

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Why HS2 selected Kahootz for online collaboration

Posted by John Glover on 24-Jul-2015 17:07:32

HS2 has polarised opinion ever since the decision to go ahead with the project was announced in January 2012. More than three years later (and despite an election result that means it is now almost certain to happen), the political controversy around the £50 billion high-speed rail link continues.

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Secure collaboration across Team Defence

Posted by John Glover on 12-May-2015 16:46:00

If there was ever a case for reducing spend on ‘special for government’ technology then surely Defence IT, with high levels of security and robustness at its heart, must be the toughest nut to crack. So it may surprise you to learn that the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) is embracing the Cabinet Office G-Cloud, SME and agile development agendas.

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G-Cloud collaboration: Counting down to G-Cloud 6

Posted by John Glover on 23-Jan-2015 15:15:00

G-Cloud 6, the latest version of the government framework through which public sector organisations buy cloud services, is due to go live in the first week of February.

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Goodbye CloudStore. Hello Digital Marketplace

Posted by John Glover on 06-Nov-2014 10:41:00

Earlier this month, the plug was pulled on the G-Cloud CloudStore, the portal used by the UK public sector to source and procure cloud-based software and services.

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Public Sector Collaboration at Civil Service Live 2014

Posted by Ruby Urwin on 24-Jul-2014 09:27:00

Kahootz are back from Civil Service Live 2014 and we had a fantastic time helping the public sector and civil servants to “learn share collaborate”! Not only was it a pleasure to see so many new faces, but the increase of interest in working smarter and the adoption of cloud technology, especially in collaboration, was inspiring.

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What public sector procurement reform means for you

Posted by John Glover on 27-Jun-2014 09:24:00

In recent years, public sector procurement in the UK has undergone major reform – with collaborative working being promoted as a key way to cut costs, increase efficiency and transform working practices. 

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G-Cloud: Driving Cloud First and service innovation

Posted by John Glover on 02-May-2014 09:19:00

This article by Sales & Marketing Director John Glover can be found in 'Public Sector Technology', a recent report by Raconteur featured in The Times.

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Comparing cloud collaboration software on the G-Cloud CloudStore

Posted by John Glover on 20-Feb-2014 08:56:00

The G-Cloud procurement framework allows the UK public sector to buy cloud services through an online marketplace called the CloudStore. Following recent improvements in the tender submission rules all vendors are now compelled to provide a separate Pricing Document so it’s now much easier for buyers - and sellers - to evaluate and compare different vendors’ pricing models.


Total price transparency - a much needed change!

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