Once upon a time, online collaboration meant business file sharing

Posted by John Glover on 23-Apr-2015 17:35:38

Not too long ago, the terms 'file sharing' and 'collaboration' were used more or less interchangeably in the context of cloud services. The idea was that people's ability to work together depended on their ability to access the same files and documents - and the cloud became the most accessible (and cost-effective) repository for that information.

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4 essential qualities of a secure cloud collaboration service

Posted by John Glover on 17-Apr-2015 11:12:05

Cloud security remains high on the agenda for collaboration providers. It seems we're never far away from another reminder about the vulnerability of IT services, even those maintained by major corporations - take last year's high-profile email hacking of the Sony Pictures network, for example.

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Four ways to use collaborative task manager tools

Posted by John Glover on 19-Feb-2015 14:12:02

We're all searching for more efficient, productive ways to manage tasks. When working individually, it can be hard enough to keep up with the abundance of emails, spreadsheets, meetings, documents and deadlines that conspire to fill up our working day as we toil towards completing a single task. But when a large group project comes into play, with multiple participants spread across different organisations and locations, effective task management becomes even more challenging.

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G-Cloud collaboration: Counting down to G-Cloud 6

Posted by John Glover on 23-Jan-2015 15:15:00

G-Cloud 6, the latest version of the government framework through which public sector organisations buy cloud services, is due to go live in the first week of February.

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Will your online project management tool outlast your project?

Posted by John Glover on 05-Jan-2015 11:37:00

Sourcing the right project management software is never easy. You’ve not only got to find a tool that meets your needs, but you’ve also got to achieve the right balance of cost, flexibility and user friendliness as well. 

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Why stakeholder management is an important part of project management

Posted by John Glover on 02-Jan-2015 11:34:00

Stakeholder management is an important aspect of any project. Most projects you work on will involve multiple shareholders, and each one potentially has the ability to speed up, slow down or completely obstruct your progress. Stakeholders may not be in the driving seat, but they can be extremely useful advocates, sponsors and agents of change.

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New businesses: Ignore agile project management at your peril

Posted by John Glover on 29-Dec-2014 11:31:00

Agile working - if your organisation isn't already doing it, it's likely that you're planning to introduce it. If you're not actively preparing to implement agile project management, chances are you've heard plenty about it. And if you still have no idea what agile is - good luck but perhaps you're in the wrong job!

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Stop employees using consumer file sharing tools to keep company files

Posted by John Glover on 23-Dec-2014 11:28:00

Is the disruptive influence of Shadow IT creeping into your organisation? It probably is, but you might know it by another name: Dropbox. The cloud-based file sharing service has become so ubiquitous (passing 300 million users earlier this year) that it now functions as a synonym for shadow IT: the use of technology that has not received formal approval from the IT department.

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How online collaboration can shape your bottom line

Posted by John Glover on 22-Dec-2014 11:23:00

Social media has become a fundamental aspect of the modern workplace. Younger generations of employees are increasingly keen to run work and personal lives from the same platforms, and are therefore driving a radical shift in the way work is done. This change refers not only to the increased presence of social networks like Twitter and Facebook at work, but a new 'social' mode of working in which extensive collaboration and communication is the norm. Such an approach was unimaginable in the pre-social media world.

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Choosing your tools: What should be included in an online workspace?

Posted by John Glover on 17-Dec-2014 11:15:00

When getting started with cloud collaboration, there's one question you'll need to answer before the real work can begin: which tools should your users have access to?

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