The G-Cloud - Creating a level playing field for SMEs

Posted by John Glover

09-Dec-2013 13:29:00

“The government is really making great strides to The G-Cloud - Creating a level playing field for SMEssupport SMEs in the public sector market.” That’s the verdict of John Glover, Sales and Marketing Director of INOVEM, in a new video released as part of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) ‘Business is GREAT’ series.

Launched to coincide with the publication of BIS’s ‘Small Business: GREAT ambition’, John uses the video to explain how changes to the government’s procurement process have resulted in major new orders for INOVEM’s Cloud collaboration platform, Kahootz.

INOVEM’s main problem had been the cost and length of the procurement process, coupled with rules that meant larger requirements had to go to EU tender, meaning that SMEs usually only managed to secure smaller orders.

Fortunately for companies like INOVEM, the situation has now changed dramatically. “Recently the government launched something called the G-Cloud that makes it a lot easier for government departments across central government, local authorities and the NHS to procure Cloud-ready services.” John says. “And since then we’ve actually taken 17 orders off the G-Cloud. That’s 17 clients we wouldn’t otherwise have got.”

John likes the fact that the G-Cloud is helping to create a level playing field for both SMEs and major suppliers. For INOVEM, it has nurtured the conditions they need to expand: “By winning these additional procurement contracts, the big change is the confidence in the business. We’re now ready to grow. We can also make much larger investments based on expected growth for next year. Things are so much easier – government is really sincere about providing business down to SMEs. In fact they are being measured on the amount of business they give to SMEs – so now is the time to do this."

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