Joined-up healthcare at EHI Live 2014 - can online collaboration help?

Posted by John Glover

03-Nov-2014 10:38:00

Joined-up healthcare at EHI Live 2014 - can online collaboration help?EHI Live 2014 is due to hit the Birmingham NEC tomorrow, with thousands of healthcare professionals flocking to learn more about the latest ehealth innovations taking place around the UK. Interoperability, information sharing and online collaboration are set to be the main talking points of the event, as the NHS strives to provide joined-up healthcare.

On November 4th and 5th, the largest digital health conference and exhibition in the UK will provide an opportunity for ehealth companies to showcase their products and services, network with prospective customers and participate in discussions within an extensive conference programme. EHI Keynotes will also feature a range of industry experts, who will discuss the role of leadership, best practice and innovation in the development and implementation of healthcare IT.

Last year’s event received more than 3,800 attendees, achieving a 43% increase in attendance from 2012, and the number is likely to climb again this year as ehealth becomes even more central to today’s NHS.

Information sharing in healthcare

The storage, security and use of information in the NHS today is a cause of constant discussion, but one panel debate at EHI Live is set to pose the question, ‘is the road to NHS happiness paved with data?’

Modern patient-centric healthcare relies more than ever on the sharing of information, as treatment pathways become increasingly complex and a greater number of medical professionals become involved in individual cases. Multiple healthcare providers, based within and outside the NHS, must therefore be able to work together efficiently and share confidential patient records securely.

The Chief Clinical Information Officers (CCIO) Leaders Network Annual Conference will be co-located with EHI Live for the third year running, and will examine the rapid evolution of information sharing across the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

The role of online collaboration software

Kahootz is no stranger to the UK healthcare sector – in fact, the Department of Health (DH) already uses our cloud collaboration software to deliver ICT infrastructure and team working options for internal staff, arm’s length bodies and non-departmental public bodies.

A shared service agreement has already enabled the expansion of Kahootz cloud collaboration to the Health & Social Care Information Centre and the NHS Trust Development Authority and is available for adoption by 20 other health sector organisations such as NHS England, NHS Health Research Authority and the Care Quality Commission - potentially encompassing tens of thousands of users in the future.

The flexible G-Cloud framework and Kahootz licensing terms mean that the DH and partner agencies can scale usage to their needs and pay only for what they consume. No more purchasing user licenses in advance of use, no more protracted government procurement practices. Organisations are instead able to share information and promote interoperability while keeping to strict spending margins.

Bob Armstrong, DH’s Head of ICT Futures and Shared Services, explained: “The acquisition of the Kahootz cloud collaboration service, via the G-Cloud CloudStore, will enable us to improve the way we securely share knowledge, collaborate on policy, consult with stakeholders and engage partners in our work.”

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