INFOGRAPHIC: What’s been happening on G-Cloud?

Posted by John Glover

13-May-2013 11:20:00

G-Cloud finally getting embedded in public sector consciousness

It has only been around a short while, but a new infographic on the Government’s cloud software procurement service — the G-Cloud Cloudstore — reveals that it fast being embraced by the public sector. And with a £7 million spend via the G-Cloud in March 2013 alone, it’s a service that’s here to stay.

Dig deep into the infographic and you’ll find some surprising facts and figures. Which Government departments are spending the most with the G-Cloud? What percentage of suppliers providing software via the G-Cloud are SMEs? And what is the largest transaction made via the CloudStore to date?


  • The biggest #G-Cloud #CloudStore transaction to date is £800,000 Tweet This »
  • The smallest #G-Cloud #CloudStore transaction to date is only £5 Tweet This » 
  • Total #-Cloud #CloudStore sales are now at £18,244,138 Tweet This » 
  • The #publicsector is expected to save £20m this year, thanks to the #G-Cloud Tweet This »
  • DWP is the biggest purchaser of #cloud #software on the #G-Cloud #CloudStore Tweet This »
  • 80% of #cloud #software #suppliers to the #UKGov ’s #G-Cloud are SMEs Tweet This »

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