Digital communication on the agenda for Commissioning LIVE

Posted by John Glover

18-Nov-2014 10:46:00

Digital communication on the agenda for Commissioning LIVELeading figures in healthcare commissioning are attending Commissioning LIVE in Manchester this week, to discuss the future of healthcare commissioning and the increasingly important idea: Continuity of care.

Commissioning LIVE

The Manchester Central Convention Complex has been gearing up to welcome professionals from Clinical Commissioning Groups on 18th November 2014, and play host to a broad range of exhibits, presentations and insightful debate sharing a wide breadth of experience in the healthcare sector.

Planned panel discussions include ‘Better Integrated Care: Achieving more through collaboration and partnership’, which will focus on the working relationship between various healthcare authorities, and ‘Putting patients at the heart of effective procurement, choice and competition’, which will examine a patient-centric approach to procurement.

The event takes an active approach, aiming to develop solutions to common problems in healthcare commissioning. Bringing together influential healthcare policy-makers, clinicians and administrators, the event will share experiences and practical advice on the challenges facing the sector. Hopefully, these thought-provoking panel discussions will inspire some new ideas in healthcare commissioning.

Commissioning LIVE is organised by the publisher of several healthcare magazines including The Commissioning Review, PULSE, Management in Practice and Nursing in Practice. Having expanded into events from a printed and online presence, the publisher combines its editorial expertise with the experience of an Advisory Board, with representatives from major healthcare organisations such as NHS England and NICE.

The pathway to better healthcare

As we’ve previously discussed, modern treatment pathways for patients in the UK often involve several different organisations dealing with one case, making continuity of care a major concern. The productivity and efficiency of cash-strapped healthcare groups relies upon an ability to readily access patient information and communicate with one another.

Ongoing efforts to move in-patient care back into the community, especially in the case of elderly or chronically ill patients, could save the NHS significant funding and resources. However, as patients move from hospital to home, their medical records and treatment pathway must remain accessible to the various organisations involved in their care.

Hospital departments, health visitors, GPs and carers need to achieve ‘joined-up working’, finding a way to work together effectively and share knowledge. Online collaboration tools such as Kahootz can help organisations to achieve this goal through digital communication.

Getting in Kahootz with the Department of Health

Kahootz are proud to support several organisations within the UK healthcare sector. From May 2014, a shared service agreement with Department of Health (DoH) has meant that the Kahootz cloud collaboration service is available to organisations such as NHS England, NHS Health Research Authority, the Care Quality Commission and 20 other agencies and public bodies, with the scope to encompass thousands of users in the future.

Kahootz provides a newly evolved model of government procurement, eliminating user licences so that the DoH only pays for what it consumes, saving the public sector money. The flexible, scalable approach to procurement will help the DoH to securely share information, consult with stakeholders, collaborate on policy and engage partners in its projects.

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