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Do you have any of these collaborative leadership skills?

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 20-Nov-2017 08:00:00

Traditional ways of working are fast becoming a thing of the past. Not only is there the rise of the digital workplace, but traditional leaders are also being left behind.

People now prefer more collaborative ways of working, rather than just being told what to do in an authoritarian manner.

To help illustrate this point, Virgin has put together an infographic that compares collaborative leadership skills, to traditional ones. What type of leader are you?

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To be a good project manager you must use collaboration software

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 13-Nov-2017 08:00:00

As a project manager, you have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. From planning and defining scope to budgeting and risk analysis, it can seem a bit overwhelming at times!

But don’t worry, help is at hand! Using online collaboration software can help you in many ways and ultimately could prove to be the difference between your project ending in failure or not.

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Why your next external collaboration is doomed to fail

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 06-Nov-2017 08:00:00

Every day it is a given that you will work with a large number of internal and external stakeholders.

The tools that you use make all the difference. For working with internal colleagues, you may well use an intranet which will help you to improve collaboration in your team and organisation.

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Get key data insights using these reporting features in Kahootz

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 30-Oct-2017 08:00:00

As I'm sure that you're aware, Kahootz can be used to capture data and feedback using surveys, databases and much more. 

With so much interesting and varied data available to collect within your site, wouldn't it be great if there was an easy way for you to analyse and visualise it?

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The benefits of online forums that you need to know

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 23-Oct-2017 08:00:00

From early incarnations including BBS and Usenet, online forums have come a long way.

Even now, they are still hugely popular. A 2015 survey by Pew Research Centre found that 15% of all internet users read or comment on discussion forums.

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The main barriers to collaborative working taking off in your organisation

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 16-Oct-2017 08:00:00

Failing to collaborate is becoming a big problem for organisations.

The results of a survey by Salesforce suggest that 86% of the participants believe that lack of collaboration was responsible for workplace failures.

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Kahootz awarded Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 12-Oct-2017 09:59:15

Leading cloud collaboration service Kahootz, is pleased to announce that they have received the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

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Gain quick feedback from your stakeholders with Kahootz's survey tool

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 02-Oct-2017 08:00:00

Surveys provide a quick and easy way for you to gain feedback from your internal and stakeholders.

But what if they could go further than that? With Kahootz's survey tool, you can!

This blog will detail how you can use it for a number of different purposes.

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The project management best practices that you need to know

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 25-Sep-2017 08:00:00

With only 40% of projects meeting schedule, budget and quality goals, there is always room for improvement when it comes to project management.

Luckily, there are a number of project management best practices that can help you to bridge this gap. In this blog post, we’re going to explain some of the key ones that you should implement to ensure project success.

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The password tips and tricks that you can't afford to ignore

Posted by Niall Sullivan on 18-Sep-2017 08:00:00

The amount of passwords that we have to remember both inside and outside of work is continually increasing.

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