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UK G-Cloud sales reports show year-on-year growth for Kahootz

Posted by John Glover on 14-Mar-2018 10:47:55

With the approach of the 10th iteration of the UK G-Cloud procurement framework and with total sales about to exceed the £3bn mark we thought it was time to see how we are performing … relatively.  

Kahootz has always been an active supporter of the G-Cloud. We were one of the very first services to receive pan-government accreditation (PGA) for cloud security which enabled us to benefit as early adopters across the public-sector organisations looked to find new ways to work together, safely, in the cloud.

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Why you need agile working to attract the best new talent

Posted by John Glover on 30-Aug-2016 12:30:00

In the first quarter of 2015, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest demographic in the US workforce. By 2025, the generation of people born in the 1980s and 90s will represent 75% of the entire workforce globally.

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How to stop people using email to collaborate on documents

Posted by John Glover on 27-Jul-2016 12:00:00

Out with the inbox: How to stop people using email to collaborate on documents

How many emails do you receive each day? More importantly, how long do you spend deleting unwanted messages, reading emails you've been copied into without reason and searching your inbox for that all-important attachment? It's not difficult to see how email can drain your productivity. And if you're struggling to stay organised amid a deluge of email, many of your staff are likely to be drowning too.

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UK Ministry of Defence introduces Defence Share for secure collaboration over the Internet

Posted by John Glover on 26-Feb-2016 11:40:34

The MOD’s Information Systems and Services (ISS) has introduced Defence Share, a Secure Collaborative Working Environment, to enable the secure storage and sharing of information up to ‘OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE’ classification.

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Why finding an online workspace is like choosing the right office

Posted by John Glover on 28-Aug-2015 10:00:00

For anyone with a passing interest in the property market, the publication of another report predicting soaring prices in London is hardly a surprise. However, the latest commercial market survey by RICS did capture my attention for longer than a few minutes.

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3 essential features of cloud collaboration in the public sector

Posted by John Glover on 21-Aug-2015 11:30:00

In November 2014, former Head of the Civil Service Sir Bob Kerslake said it was "hard to think of a time since the Second World War when the challenges for leaders in the public sector have been greater". His evocation of wartime then seemed an apt way to emphasise the scale of the task facing departments across the public sector. Nine months later, the challenges have only intensified.

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Cloud collaboration: CCGs and the quest for innovation

Posted by John Glover on 14-Aug-2015 10:30:00

Anyone interested in the progress of England's 209 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will have found it hard to ignore the sheer volume of negative headlines they seem to have generated in recent months. Almost every day brings a fresh report of a CCG that lacks the financial stability or clinical capacity - or both - to serve its local community.

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How to implement agile working: Is it all about mindset?

Posted by John Glover on 07-Aug-2015 11:00:00

When people talk about developing agile working practices, they often focus on the technology infrastructure needed to support them. There's nothing wrong with this outlook - it's true that outdated and inflexible legacy systems can quickly scupper agile initiatives, while cloud services and other innovative technologies are powerful enablers of agility.

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The 3 biggest benefits of digital stakeholder engagement

Posted by John Glover on 31-Jul-2015 17:05:00

Stakeholder engagement is such a rich and diverse topic that reminders of its importance - and events demonstrating the tremendous power that stakeholders often wield - can be found almost everywhere.

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Secure file sharing: Why you should reject the cloud security myth

Posted by John Glover on 28-Jul-2015 17:18:39

Cloud security is a concept that still promotes vigorous debate among IT experts and across the wider business community. Search for the term online and you'll quickly disappear into a digital labyrinth of arguments and counter-arguments, myths and misconceptions, logical reasoning and more fanciful conclusions.

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